Saturday, February 02, 2008


Friday was a great day of thrifting, I picked up a little fabric, some quilt mags, an ADORN mag that I missed (In the photo too...oops!) and drum roll please, about 100 more patterns! Now I better get to sewing & stitching!

Tomorrow I will post the fabric I got from Herrschners. Did I ever tell you that the Herrschners operation is just a mile down the road?

Anyway, they often have fabulous deals on yarn, stitching kits, scrapbook supplies and now, they have just brought back the fabric department! So

I just had to check out the sale. Actually I think there is a big scrapbook sale on today, but I am sewing
this week! lol

Also, just want to throw it out there, if any of you are looking for any "vintage" crafting mags, leave me a comment. I just found the hugest selection at my favorite local thrift shop, and I would be happy to pick any up for you. There were just too many for me to get all at once, plus, Sophia and her Dum Dum sucker were ready to go.

Those that are leaving me such nice comments about my girls and crafts, thank you, I have not been able to respond and would have liked to.


Becky said...

Dawn! Where can I get the vintage craft mags?! I never did find the grocery bag full that my grandma had given me which I suspect was sent to the curb when my husband was cleaning his garage. UGGGGH.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the patterns and magazines!!

kari & kijsa