Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quilting & "Cheese"

This is a baby quilt top I just finished. Some of you may notice some of the squares are from the 5x5 square swap I was part of last year, finally using Anyway, I hope to be a part of another swap like that sometime. Read about it here.

I then went into my embroidery pattern stash, and I think this one was from my grandma. So I had a great time doing this. I like doing the stamped embroidery once in awhile! Also, I apologize for the photo quality. I am still using Jurnee's camera.

While I was photographing the quilt top, Sophia was saying, no YELLING Cheese, so I had to take a photo of her too, boy that hair is sure slow going! But still cute nonetheless.


Janell Vircks said...

I love that you are using Jurnee's camera! (although I don't love that yours died on you) but you are making art!

The quilt is so cute- and Sophia is even more cute!

Love Janell

MaryCatherine said...

what beautiful children you have! I love all of your crafts too. I see you like to thrift...I just moved to Hawaii and was elated to see a Goodwill supercenter! not really, but it was the biggest Goodwill I have ever seen and it was just crammed to the ceiling with antiques and about a treasure trove!

missy said...

awww! SOOO cute! i remember those days with the baby... not that long ago, but it seems like it. And I love the embroidery on the quilt!

Doe said...

Great job, Dawn. Love that baby quilt with the embroidery!
Sophia is ADORABLE!!!

Girl, thank you so much for your e-mail. Just been really busy with work that's all. I manage to post last night to let everyone know I'm ok.