Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthdays and jewels!!

Our dear little Sophia is now 2. Rusty tried his best on the fondant cake, and Jurnee made sure we know she does not like fondant. But the cake itself was great, and looked beautiful!

If you know Rusty, it is very difficult to believe that this rugged man would enjoy making cakes but he certainly does. Like I said a long time ago, he is very creative and is just not able to use his creativity often enough.

These little lovely jewels were given to me by my sweet mother-in-law. They are from her "costume" jewelry collection. Most of the stuff is quite old, and so fun. I have plans for some of it already!


amy said...

hi dawnkristine! thank you for stopping by my blog! I am glad it brought me to yours!

Janell Vircks said...

The cake looks lovely and fondant is my favorite- I'll eat Jurnee's!
Rusty is creative! Nice job!

Missy said...

That cake is AWESOME! Way better than anything I could ever do... so I'm impressed even if the kid wasn't! LOLOL! Cute jewels too! Can't wait to see what you do with them!