Friday, January 11, 2008

Technology & POP Culture

So many new thoughts and ideas come with a new year! Also, I think a new camera will be order for me too. I took it in to get fixed and was told of my almost $400 camera, that I could buy a nicer one for cheaper than I could fix this one. With that said, I was truly sad. Not just about my camera that I love, but because technology is moving so incredibly fast.

I was one of the bag phone people and then when I got a hand held model, I was cutting edge. About 4 years ago I decided to go no cell phone, and now that I am preparing to get one again, I know that I will probably have to read the manual.

Not only technology, but pop culture. I was out looking for Valentines for Jurnee for school, and I cannot find old school Valentines. And I might add that at Target and Shopko, they each only had one Hannah Montana Valentine pack left. Not that there is anything wrong with pop culture, but our innocence is totally lost in the USA. Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination, and I am sad about that.

So, this is probably why I am a thrift-crafter, and will continue to look for the "new & exciting" in the old! By the way, I checked on Ebay last night for old school Valentines and they go for 99 cents starting bid. Enough of my rant. Anyway, wait until the negative campaign ads start rolling, then I will rant. Nothing gets under my skin more. If you are a politician and cannot win on what you have done, rather than trashing the other guy (or gal) where is your character anyway?

Here are some of the projects I have been diligently working on the past few days.
I love some of the great patterns some of the embroiderers are coming up with. These are from SUBLIME STITCHING.

I am using Jurnee's camera for these photos and I am trying to figure out how to use it in the process.

Sophia's birthday party is tomorrow and I have to get a move on in preparing.

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