Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Camera issues

Of course any visual blogger does not like the thought that the lens on their camera is having issues. Especially when it is time to share some new projects and Sophia's birthday! But I guess I am taking it to Best Buy (the only repair shop for miles and miles.)

One saving thought all of a sudden is that Jurnee got a digital camera for Christmas, and it isn't quite the camera mine is but it will do short term.

These pillows were some of the gifts I gave this year for Christmas1 The trees were made of mens neck ties.


jen said...

Hi Dawn! Good luck with the camera issues. I know that'd drive me over the edge. The ties used on those pillows are just SO very clever! Good job.

Becky said...

I especially love the brown silky tree and the ornaments on that one. Very nice!