Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So, it was wonderful!

So, it went like this! The girls had a blast! Both were healthy and loved gift giving (and getting) Jurnee really figured out how nice it is to make a gift and give it! So we had a wonderful Christmas!
Now on to 2008! Jurnee will be signed up for kindergarten in a month, and 6 or so months from now, Sophia will hopefully have her 2yr molars and be working on potty-training. Wow I think the time goes so fast!
Have a LOVELY 2008!


jen said...

Adorable Dawn! Yes, it truly does go by WAY too fast. Enjoy every moment...even the bad ones, for the will be fleeting!

Shannon said...

Hi Dawn,
I had a great time at Christmas. Hope you have a safe,happy,and healthy 2008.
Talk to you soon..