Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No news on China yet. Hopefully by the end of the week. It just occured to me yesterday with the help of some great mom friends, I have not bought a thing for Christmas yet! What am I thinking? I hope to start tomorrow. I am pretty full-up today. My husband made it very clear that he did not enjoy the colored pencils and other art supplies I bought him last year for Chirstmas...bah...He is VERY talented and willl not do anything with it. I just thought a few quality supplies might spark his creative hand during the long cold Wisconsin winter. I will post a drawing he did last year.
Anyway, I need ideas for him. I am thinking the wafflemaker Jurnee is getting him will be perfect though. I tried to get him to knit and I think that is more interesting to him. But no way in my life time am I going that route again! I am finishing up a few things of my own today, and I will have them on Flickr tonight.

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