Monday, December 04, 2006

Bella, Bella, Bella. Just talked to Janell and Bella is causing some trouble. That dog (Lhassa-Poo) needs much more one on one attention than we can give her, so she is better there. I think once she understands her space and such, things should hopefully calm down for Janell and Peter (Bless their hearts.) We cannot have a dog that bites children...PERIOD. Rusty is a little sad, but at least we will be able to see her when we want or maybe even dog sit sometime. We'll see.
No news on travel to China, but man oh man, ticket prices and availability are pretty high for the end of December, I will just sit tight and wait it out. But I am anxious to pinch those little cheeks! We met with our Wisconsin travel partners and I think we are going to be a fun crowd.
I have some new posts on Flickr, work I finished up, and much more to come, I seem to have more time on my hands suddenly...hmmmm.


Juli said...

Hope you get to make your trip to pick up the baby soon. :) She is so cute! Sorry to hear about the problem with the dog. I hope the puppy is happy in her new home.

Dawn said...

Thank you for your sincere words!