Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The time is flying. We found out Monday that we will not be travelling any time soon , and we had to have our INS (immigration) paperwork refiled. So, we spent yesterday doing that. We are very busy otherwise just recovering from Rusty flu-like symptoms, and Jurnee & I a nasty chest cold. Mine seems to be lingering, though of course I am not resting much.

I have been crafting a little though. I finished my mittens! Something for show and tell in crochet class. I am working on a pot-scrubbie tonight...seriously... I learn so much in that class, it is more about the technique I think. I have also finished one of the kitchen towels meant for my Christmas gift exchange in Kaukauna. Can't tell you who I have though. I will post the towels when they are all done...a few days hopefully.

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