Monday, November 20, 2006

The Tinsel Trail is over- yeah--!!!!!!!!!!! I have one thing behind me. The best part of the thing was the "barter booties" Check these out! I traded one of my bags for them. This lady from Southern Wisconsin is amazing! She raises the sheep, spins the wool, and knits the designs! So I felt like that was a highlight of the show for me. I got lots of feedback, but really I wish I would have had more stuff, and maybe been at a show with a younger audience. I think a few of my things were too funky for most. My partner, Rachael however did amazing! She is a very creative woman. She frames pressed flowers, and she just does a wonderful job. I had a great day with her (& Rich.)
So I learned a ton. After I get home from China, I will try to post my stuff on maybe. Or maybe I will just work on being a new mommy! Two weeks from now we will probably have Sophia in our arms.

I will be gone from my computer for two days for a Thanksgiving holiday getaway with Jurnee to my mom's. Then I will have my act together, hopefully. I need to get packing for China already!

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