Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The week is going by sooo fast! The mittens are coming along, and my tinsel trail stuff is almost done! Then I can concentrate on Sophia and the trip. We are leaving December 1 to Nanchang China to get Jurnee's sister Sophia Faye. We are so very excited and can hardly wait to squeeze those chubby cheeks! Anyway, the days are filled to the brim from morning to night and we have Christmas coming also. So, I am thinking the month of December will be a total blur for me, but we will finally be finished with this planning process we have been in for it seems like forever. I must get sewing as we have a play-date with the one and only Emma...Jurnee's friend that we do not see nearly enough of. I will be more regular next week with my postings. Look for photos of the craft show coming up!

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