Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Surprise!!!!!!!!!! Travelling Dec 20-30 to China to get Sophia! We are ecstatic, but freaking about flights and having trouble getting Lawrence at Delight travel to figure something out. I will be posting frequently now and from China also starting next week! We should have Sophia by Dec 20 or 21. Sorry to have to leave Jurnee behind during Christmas, but we know she will be in good hands! And we will all be together in 2007 and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sailorgramma said...

Congratulations, I am so happy that you are finally going to get Sophia. I am sure that Jurnee is really excited. Can't wait to meet her. Good luck with the trip. I will be checking your blog to see where you are and what is happening. Luv you guys! Aunt Nancy

Mary said...

Hi to all of you. Thanks for sending about your blog - I will keep on you now. I think of you so often. Congrats on your upcoming trip. Awsome, scarey and exciting all at the same time. I looked over your blog -- so you are cooking now??? Surprised - Hee Hee. I am jealous. Take care for now. All our love from our family to yours. Mary

Jo in NZ said...

Congrats Dawn. What a great xmas gift to your family.
Merry christmas to ALL of you.