Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thank you for flight ticket prayers... answered in a big way! We can still go, Yen at Delight Travel is amazing! So now what to pack, and I am still finishing my craft projects. I have so much on my mind, I think I can just get busy with this lists and everything will come together.

We are leaving Monday night the 18th of December to Minneapolis
. We will stay with my sister Janell (check out her amazing blog btw...I will post a link.) Anyway, we leave from MSP airport on Dec 19 at 7something am. Then to Portland, then to Tokyo, then to Beijing then to Nanchang. Yes that is 5 take-offs & Landings BEFORE we see our daughter...need to stop to see the pharmacist friend(DJL) tomorrow. Rusty will be having some serious issues I am sure. The reason for so many transfers is seat availability. Did you ever try to get somewhere really far away booking a week before you need to be there, Christmas week nonetheless ( I like that word)...pretty tricky by the looks of things. So we will arrive in Beijing on the night of the 20th...in case you are wondering, we lose a day in flight. So I will guess we might get Sophia on the 21st, we'll see. Then our best route home is GuangZhou to Tokyo to Portland to MSP if all goes well, we should arrive in Minneapolis at 2ish pm on the 31st...Anyone want to stay up and ring in the new year? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!

Whirlwind but there it is. I will keep updating as I know more, and of course my projects will be up sometime. OUT...stole that from Rusty.

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