Monday, December 11, 2006

So much to write about tonight! You've got to see what Hilary Lang at Wee Wonderfuls is doing now. I get so much inspiration from that woman and I do not even know her. In fact The elf Stitchette design on Sophia's stocking is from one of her freebie downloads. It turned out pretty great I must say. I am trying to decide what to do with the fall collection I purchased from her. Maybe some sort of quilt. I am also feeling in need of a large project. I want to work on something big. I have a few ideas, but nothing stable yet, stay tuned!
Now I am finishing up some Christmas orders and gifts, most are close to completion...yeah! I will enjoy Christmas, and then hopefully travel to get Sophia. No word on travel yet...blah blah blah, I sound like a broken record. I am having a great time with Jurnee this week though. She is so fun to hang with!
Thursday I am planning to do something especially unusual, spend time alone with
Rusty! We will be shopping and it will be fun, Rusty loves to shop. I love to shop alone - hee hee - but he is really excited about Christmas, so he can have his fun and I will set limits, it will be grand! Plus he will buy dinner, and he will probably go wherever I want, Italian no doubt. Oh the simple life, only I wish it was that simple. I do have a few Christmas surprises in store this year. And like I said, then it will be all business, going to China and coming home with an almost toddler! She will be 11 months old tomorrow! Probably we will celebrate her birthday with her though, we were able to spend Jurnee's 1st birthday with her also. Ta Ta~~

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