Monday, May 05, 2008

Botched up embroidery UGHHH!!!

How annoying! I had a knot in my thread, I took off the hoop to take care of it, and crap...when I put the plastic hoop argh!!!! back on, RIP so here I am so very annoyed with this project, this is one of those for the back burner, or the "deal with it another day" box!

Spring is finally here and we are busy working int he yard. We have a lot of winter kill in our grass, so we have been seeding and stuff like that.

My clematis is growing so well, I was very worried about this because late last summer we had a pretty good wind and because of the weight of the plant, the trellis bent and tipped over. I could not salvage the plant so I cut it to the ground and prayed for the best! Prayers answered, growing strong...I will have a photo when the thing blooms in a month or so.

Also, we just got word a few moments ago that my incredibly ill 66 year old father-in-law has to have his second leg amputated. Now this man has squamis cell cancer, he is diabetic and already missing a leg, an eye, two pointer fingers, 3 kidneys (lost the transplant kidney,) an ear (from the cancer,) essentially rods hold his back up (due to an infection that ate away the vertebrae,) and he takes kidney dialysis 3 times a week.

This man is no quitter, not Tom, and he is going to keep living as long as he can see and talk to his 4 grandchildren, and witness for Jesus Christ.

He is a very strong man, and his wife, even stronger!


Suze said...

Oh, Dawn, such sad news about your DFIL.... What a comfort that he knows the Lord and has his rest in Him.

Suze said...

Find a package of embroidered butterflies or flowers or something and put a circle of them around the embroidered letter. Or cut out some flowers from a fabric you already have and applique them on. Or put a oval of lace around the letter using the lace to cover the tear.

Or just patch it and use that pillowcase to store a quilt.

Just don't toss the entire project.

jen said...

Well, I'd just want to croak if that happened to my finished embroidery project! Darn it!
My prayers offered for your fil. My gosh, and I thought MY dad was falling apart one piece at a time. They're tough old guys, huh?
PS- precious photo of he and your sweet baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, at least the hole in your fabric wasn't as big as mine, you can't hang your tush thru yours.Tom is an inspiration,what else can I say.Jim

Doe said...

I agree with Suze. Cover the hole with a cute applique. No one will know about the boo-boo.
Can't wait to see photos of your clematis. BTW, how do you like your new camera?
Your FIL definitely have a strong will to live. I wish him a speedy recovery from surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hi, So sorry to hear of your father in law. He sounds like such a fighter. It is amazing how much one can go thru and still be up and around but with faith anything is possible.
lisa p.s. love the room idea Jurnee picked out. She has style.I have looked for that mag everywhere. It's expensive!!