Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend is over...already!

Dance weekend was once again upon us. Here and gone that is. Jurnee performed Ballet and Jazz in her groups and had such a great time with it. She loves the hype, the make-up, the costumes, and of course the flowers! She also got to go out for lunch with both grandparents. Mine yesterday, and Rusty's today, so it was really an all-about Jurnee weekend.

Looked at cameras again today, what do you think? Seems like customer service here in town at Best Buy is really crappy. Any suggestions? I was forced to use my 35mm for the dance recital and I felt like I was in the stone ages though it does take really great photos.

Also yesterday when my sweet grandma was here, she once again donned me with some of her fabric stash and is letting me use her quilting frame, I AM going to try to quilt Sophia's quilt myself.

I met a very nice blogger via e-mail today, turns out we have some stuff in common and I look forward to following her blog, check it out: Reminisce...this and that.

Also, if you love fabric and haven't found Spoonflower yet, I strongly encourage you to check it out! She does a really great job of researching the web, and also she is a very good writer. (Something I will never be!) So aside from surfing the net, reading Jodi Piccoult and dance nothing else is going on here! New projects do await...


Doe said...

That's a great picture of Jurnee. She's adorable! I think that 35mm is a keeper.
Ok, I'm going to check out these bloggy links. Thanks for sharing!

linda t said...

So fun getting to know you better. Thanks for the email!
We have driven through Steven's Point in the past. I love the great state of WI and we hope to get back there again this summer.
I thought of you yesterday, as I found THE most amazing handmade quilt for 99 cents! (very small)
The hand-work is stunning! I hope to post pics of it later today.
Your Jurnee is so darling!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Jurnee looks adorable!! Thanks for the to see more fabric!! Have a blessed Sunday!

kari & kijsa