Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I really need a new camera!

This quilt block is a sample (to see if I might be able to make a large quilt) for Sophia. I used some scraps I had on hand, so these aren't the actual fabrics, but I do plan on pink and red as the main colors. The other set of blocks will have embroidery incorporated with them. Hopefull I can finish that later today.

Anyway, I do need a new camera, but I seem to be getting organized, so rather than get behind, I am going to post what I've been doing. The photo above is some embroidered (again the photo...argh...) towels for my kitchen, again, I used some SUBLIME STITCHING patterns. Love them. And boy would I love to attend one of Jenny Hart's classes/workshops. Someday maybe.


Amy said...

I like the block and I really like the embroidery with the little scooter girl!! answer your q. left on blog. Yes, all of the papers used so far are current but I love paper that look like they have some history :)

Lesli said...

I love the quilt and I love the stitching!!! Very talented!

Doe said...

Your block is awesome. I'm drooling all over your stitcheries. Great job.