Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today, the first day of school for many in Wisconsin, brings back many memories. Smells mostly for me, oh yeah, the new school supplies, I still love to get a new pen, or begin a new notebook, and now new craft supplies and tools also give me the calm feeling-- Ahhhhh-- that the fresh new beginning of the new school year brings.

I have a few Ahhhhs today, I finished up some projects and feel Ahhhh that they are no longer looming in my craft room, (or dining room) or in my mind, as I begin my project for the OWL SWAP hosted by the ever talented Missy Balance at Crafty Carnival. Also Christmas projects in the works as well as a few gifts, and a number of other obligations.

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Clevelandgurlie said...

I laughed when I read this post. I too still get weak at the knees when I smell the smells of education. Notebooks, crayons, hallways of education -- library books. I guess that explains why I taught 10th grade English!!!
And, like you -- I too get excited to open a new tube of glue, or unwrap a new spool of thread!!! Ahh -- the simple pleasures of life. And by the way -- your afghan is lovely!