Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer is coming to a close...BOO HOO

I am one who really enjoys the schedule the school year brings, but at the same time, winter is coming all too soon, and it lasts so long. Sometimes November to May. A few warm days here and there, but man, being in the house that much is brutal.

Sophia is doing so well, she is such a little sponge and learns very fast. She loves to sing even though she doesn't know words, just melodies. Also like her sister I think she will probably be a lefty. Aren't lefties typically creative? Well, yeah for that. Jurnee already shows promising signs of being a creative little one.

So their creative mommy has been busy and this is just one of the projects I have been working on. Some onzies for a baby gift for a friend who is expecting any day! I embroidered these patterns from the Sublime Stitching Kurt Halsey patterns. They turned out cute.

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jen said...

Darling little shirts! And your sweeties in the post below are even cuter! ;-)