Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feeling a little fallish

We are so incredibly busy around here, with I don't know what, I guess it is just the home with two small children.
So, this potholder is something I came up with awhile back, and while cleaning & reorganizing my craft room, I found this unfinished little number, and decided to finish it, I am pleased with it, and plan to make more for my Etsy shop.
Speaking of the Etsy shop, I created the shop last year in September I think, and had lots to sell, before I got it all in the shop, I sold it. So I will be more prepared this time around, and I have a few other things coming along. I will report when new items are listed, probably in a couple of weeks.

Update on Rusty's dad, he is getting by, still in the hospital, so far the surgeries he had last week have been successful, he gets rods in his back on Friday.

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