Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old stool, new stool.

Mysteriously, since about 4 years ago (do the math...Jurnee will be 5 this stool kept losing its wicker. I usually found a piece on the floor after breakfast. Jurnee never mentioned to me that when she eats breakfast on my stool, her butt could have fallen through. So, until our children are finished globbering and picking on wicker, we will keep the stools we have. I took some scrap fabric a few days ago and wove it in to the bare parts, and it turned out pretty ok.

On another note, Rusty's dad needs some prayer! He is in very ill health and will be having some pretty risky surgery on Friday at UW Hospital. Just pray he makes it through. He loves his 4 grandchildren so and it would be a shame for him to lose this battle at only 68 years old.

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