Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visit with Maggie & Drew

Our fondest neighbor family moved away late last summer and left Jurnee sad for her very best friend Drew. In the meantime, baby Maggie came along and Sophie now has a new friend! See how Sophie loves to taunt new friends...anyway, we had a wonderful visit, and we really miss them.

On CRAFTY notes, I have signed up for the most exciting swap...fabric! I am on a quilting mission, I have quilt projects in my head that I cannot wait to work on. Anyway, there are 10 participants, each choosing 50 fabrics and 10 5" squares of each fabric to be cut... Well, it doesn't sound so bad, but to do this in a week, do you know how much time it takes me? But enough of that, I am looking at my fabric stash and I am so excited that I just want to create stuff! So I have lots of cutting to do in the meantime. You can find the swap host's blog here Jen Duncan. She does some amazing crafty things. We are like minded on the thrift thing. I will post my latest finds soon.

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