Sunday, June 03, 2007


So I have spent a ton of time at home this weekend. Rusty worked on a rare Saturday morning, so the girls and I just hung out.
I am working on some new craft projects and ideas that I will post when I get some of them finished. I have been spending a ton of time at Pam Garrison's blog.
I am so incredibly inspired by this woman and her friends at Silver Bella. Do check them out if you get a minute! They really have some great crafts going on! With some great positive attitude that always appeals to me.

Summer and swimming are finally here...Jurnee says yeah!!!!!!!! Sorry mom...Jurnee snagged the swim suit from your house "by mistake." I have to peel it off of her most days and sneak it in the wash...

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Sarah and Jack said...

I also LOVE, LOVE Pam's blog.