Monday, June 18, 2007

Thrifting...Rusty calls it slummin' I call it fun!

So I have not been able to thrift very much this year, and I am bummed, but I did pick up a few fabrics at the local store, and I found these beauties at a sale down the road.
I LOVE the cover dress pattern for the one on the right. My biggest issue with old patterns is that I want to make sure I am using an appropriate yarn, and because this is from 40ish years ago, and I think sizes have changed so much. Anyway, off to Hershners (did I mention that the home office and supply store is about 1 mile from my house?) to look for some yarn, I just might tackle this and save the quilt for the many projects so little time.

Also want to mention, that the "Begin to knit" photo is me after about 10 hours of trying to figure it out...saying, "where did I go wrong?"

For now I will stick to crocheting.

Big thanks to Jen Duncan for alerting me to my blog not accepting anonymous comments, I had no idea, so go ahead everyone, leave a comment, tell me what you think.


burkardbbrc said...

thanks for the comments you left on my blog! i still haven't figured out how to send a note directly from my blog! lol...i'm learning!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Slumming??? Hardly! LOL