Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday morning...Ahh

Crazy Quilt diamond-------
Crazy Quilt diamond detail...

Today is going far better than the last two days. I checked with our local quilt store, Karen's Quilt Corner, and yes, I can lay out my quilt on the felt wall!!!!! I feel so relieved. Once I get my fabric swap squares, I will be compelled to get started right away, so I am finishing up on the many other summer projects I have going on.

This is a sample of the "Patriotic" projects I have been working on. They are almost all three completed, I have to stuff one more.


jen duncan said...

Good morning Dawn! Wowee on the crazy quilting...CRAZY man! ;-) So glad you're already making plans for your squares. I'll probably just look at 'em for a long time. :-D

Doe said...

That is soo perfect this time of year!

I'll probably do the same thing with the squares. Stare until I can't stand it anymore and actually do something with 'em.