Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning at my house...

My cup empty at 6:30am.
Sophia's cup...empty 6:30 am.
Bills at the computer, need attention.
Rusty's packing project for Canada.
Jam Settling...
Table FULL of projects and soooo much to do...

So it is like this. Today I woke up to the messiest my house has been in months. Yesterday I was to get my swap squares out and by golly I was done and by 5:00 I was out the door to send them from the Post Office before 6:00. Rusty at the same time called the clinic to see if I could get Sophia in for an ear infection check. They naturally said, "if you come right away." So out the door I went. 1 hour and 22 minutes later, I was home. No ear infection, but late to send my package of fabric...argh...

Then we immediately went to a "meet baby Cooper" gathering, and came home just in time to make jam from the strawberries Jurnee and I picked on Thursday. So until 10:00 Jurnee (thank God for her help) helped me make jam. I crashed immediately after picking up our mess.

I woke up to the kitchen photos above.

I am hoping for some progress today. We just got home from the library though, and I discovered Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. Now I have never been a fan, but I really like the mag.

So after I clean my kitchen, make Amish Friendship Bread (today is day 10 baking day) and play about 10 more games of Candyland Bingo, I might get to look at my library finds!

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