Thursday, June 28, 2007

1969 Blogging

As you may know I went to my hometown last weekend with the girls for a visit. My grandma, (the source of much of my stash) gave me some old craft books. These are real treasures! The yellow copy of "Dolls" I found so interesting, published by a woman in Wisconsin in 1969, the cost $1. This publication includes numerous addresses and short bios of doll crafting women from all over the US & Canada. On the table of contents page it reads:
"I am happy to present this book of patterns which have been sent by readers. To the 'Doller' these patterns should prove interesting. Happy Dolling to all, and may you find the contacts you hoped for in these few pages."

I am amazed that the need for "crafting" contacts and fellowship that the bloggers enjoy today was made a reality through "snail mail" in the 1960's. These patterns are great too.
All of the books I received from my grandma have some very interesting patterns actually, and I plan to share more once I get through them fully. My grandma is the BEST EVER!!!!!!

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