Monday, June 25, 2007

What a weekend it was!

So, my little girls are silly tired, and I feel a bit tired also. We got home last night from a visit with Grandma for two nights and it will take a week to straighten everyone out. But we'll manage. The photo on the bottom is Jurnee with her favorite cousin Ali. Even with a 2.5 year age difference they seem to play so nicely together. It was great fun to watch them giggle, and who would have thought my 4.5 year old would stay up later than me on a Friday night?

Also, I guess I am indeed rippling along. I needed something to do with my hands on Friday morning, and I took it with me, and just didn't want to put the thing down. I found the pattern here, and decided to use some of the yarn I inherited from my no-longer crocheting Grandma. It is the 4ply worsted acrylic, but I cannot wait to get my hands on some really soft stuff for the next one, listen to me, I have only a million things going on here. I plan to paint my kitchen before Rusty gets home too, so yes, I better get to bed early.

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