Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Improvisational Quilting...I did it!

So awhile back, The Quilt Show had a tutorial for improvisational quilting and I just had to try it! I am so pleased at how this worked out, I will be doing it again. This will be a pillow for my home. After sewing it together, I stitched a flower pattern with perle cotton, dmc, and krenik metallic threads. These are some of my favorite colors and I am partial to this design. I think hand-applique quilting is my absolute favorite craft at the moment. I think I can be so creative with it!

I am also in progress with a baby quilt for a friend (expecting any day!) So that is my weekend project.

Sophia is great, Jurnee is with Rusty in Madison picking grandpa up from UW hospital, and I have approximately 2 hours left of work for this week and woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I'm not a quilter so I don't understand how you did this but it is so beautiful!

dawnkristine said...

Thank you!

jen said...

Wow! I've never seen anything quite like that! I love all the quilting projects I see on your page here. Great vreativity!