Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here we are Chirstmas Eve in Nanchang China. Sophia is doing well. She has learned to eat with a spoon and we cannot shut it off! She isn't much about drinking, but she wants to eat constantly!

I am feeling much better, I have to say things are much more western this time in Nanchang. By the time we bring our girls back in 10 years or so, things will probably not be at all what they are coming from. We took tons of photos though.

Today we are off to the Porcelain market and to look for some Jade and pearls possibly. Our guide is very helpful...her name is Sally. She thinks we are able to find high quality at good price for jewelry in Nanchang, so we will see. We are doing pretty good. I have discovered the snickers bar, tastes like home. So, no worries, I am nutritioned this time. Also, for those of you wondering how I am getting my coffee fix, the morning press pot is fine.

I am doing some crafts and Rusty is watching some OLD SCHOOL HBO while Sophia sleeps.
It does not FEEL like Christmas at all still, even with Christmas music everywhere, and Santa everywhere we go.

The families we are with also from Wisconsin are wonderful travel mates so that is good.

We still haven't decided if we are going to the orphanage yet. Rusty and I are inclined to decline, as we met the nanny and director and have some photos. Wedo not need any more than that. This is a very different situation than last time.
We are very content with what we have for information.

After visiting the market, we are so glad to have our girls home.
Rusty is loving it here. HE has met a local named TOM and he really has hit it off with the guy. At the market yesterday too, someone thought he was a moviestar, and he is eating that up!

I will write again on Tuesday or Wednesday from Guangzhou. Tie Chien (spelled wrong, but that's how it sounds to me!)


Becky said...

Hi Dawn and Rusty, I have been keeping up with the posts, eager to hear how things are going over there. I am so happy for you. I am looking forward to meeting Sophia. I love you. Merry Christmas.

Barb said...

Hi Dawn and Rusty,
We are really enjoying reading your posts. Sophia sounds like a sweetie! It takes us back to when we were in Nanchang.. What a Christmas for you! Barb M.