Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hello from Nanchang China! WE are doing pretty good. Sophia is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! She is a BABY!!! She looks exactly like her referral photo, no hair. She is probably about 15 pounds, we'll find out in a few days. She ate bread pudding for breakfast and has NO interest in a spoon. She loves toys and is very easy to please. She is "conversing" with Rusty, and she is figuring out how to suck on her bottle. Sophia has about 4 teeth and we think 6 more will be coming any time, so she likes to swish the nipple of the bottle in her mouth.

Other than that, Beijing is probably my least fav part of the trip so far, and I have to tell you, I am on the verge of stomach flu or something. So, I am just annoyed with that. I am trying my best to eat and Broccoli is the only thing that tasted good so far. But Iron Tummy Rusty is doing fine.

Yesterday we arrived at the hotel about 9:55am (after our flight from Beijing) and we received Sophia at about 10:00am, we did our government work all yesterday, and the local news had us on at the notary office, though none of us saw it. I will come back to the computer again in a day or two. We have the 22-24 with nothing to to, so we will be venturing out shopping. WE will be travelling to Guangzhou on the 26th.

Everything is decorated Christmas and MERRY CHRISTMAS signs everywhere, even the airpot in Beijing. It does not feel like Christmas though, at all!

Hope Jurnee is doing well, we will probably have to call soon, as I am missing her SOOOOOOO much. But hope everyone is having a great day! We certainly are!


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Jo in NZ said...

Dawn (and Rusty) congrats on picking up your little girl. Is it not the best Chirstmas present ever??
Merry christmas.