Monday, October 23, 2006

The Church project went well, and I have decided to be involved with the Tinsel Trail craft show in town her on nov 19. Which means, my sewing machine will be working overtime!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to share a booth with my new bud Rachel. I guess I am going to focus on bags for the show...I have several orders to get done for the holidays also. But no problem! I know I can do it!
Somehow, I need to get a visit in to my mother also, she wants us for Saturday, but I just don't see how that can happen, Jurnee has a halloween party and I need to be sewing! I have all kinds of ideas for tinsel trail and I just need to get them going, and I have quite a few pillows finished and need to get them sewn together also. Blah blah blah... the same stuff I write about each day
And we did not get our referral for Sophia...I guess next month we are definitely going to be included. So, travel to China in January, it will be too cold in Beijing, so I believe we will forgo that part of the trip. no other travel plans figured out yet.

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