Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creative update as promised

Air conditioning was difficult for me to stitch, but the fan, a blessing too! I am thankful for cool-off options! This summer with the constant humid conditions here in Wisconsin, the fan (and air conditioning) have been great blessings!

Chair cushion and table runner to match the newly covered chairs in my kitchen. I covered each of the 6 chairs in a different fabric, then used the fabrics again for the "patchwork" look on the chair and table.
I needed a new messenger one morning I work up and made one for myself! This is fun to carry and used some of my favorite fabrics! (like the pocket!)


Janell V said...

finally- an update! Love it! Glad your internet is up and running. Now keep posting (although i know I am one to type :)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the update. Glad to see you are keeping busy, and I really love your new chair cushions/table runners. Fantastic :)

- Emily Schmitt

Denise said...

Your fan looks great - no idea how you would do ac. ;0)

You've been busy - glad to hear it!

Smiles - Denise

creation said...

hey ,
Dawn ,thankx for visitng me .
i was away for a while from bloggy land .
your block are coming beautiful.
and the fan too .