Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Life in Wisconsin

Even sick, sick, sick, Sophia can still attempt to eat one of the caramel apples Jurnee and Rusty made for us tonight. Yes, Jurnee is on the mend. Still coughing a bit, but her aches and fever have been gone since Monday morning. Mild case of H1N1? Or not at all, I just don't know what to think. Definitely flu. I bet the little cutie lost 5 pounds, but she is doing cartwheels tonight.

On Monday it snowed all day...very wet snow, but seriously October 12? It snowed again today, but I hear it should be about 55 degrees here by Sunday. Gotta love the changing seasons in Wisconsin.

And the bear here's the story, last Thursday night for whatever reason Rusty did not lock the patio door. Now if you know Rusty he is so anal about checking the doors, I often get annoyed. But of course I NEVER check since I KNOW he will. Anyway, when I got up on Friday morning, I noticed the patio door was all steamed up, not typical, so I looked more closely and hmmm...the inside door was about a foot open wide, and the storm door was shut, not locked. So, I just closed the door and walked away. I made my coffee, turned around and since the condensation on the door was changing, warm and cold, (I am not a chemist, but anyway) I took a double take and there was a paw print on my door. One very definite paw print, and one that sort of slid down the door. The neighbors have two dachshunds, not their feet, definitely too large for a bird, cat, squirrel, chipmunk, raccoon, turkey, fox or deer. A few people looked at my camera and EXCLAIMED, "that's a bear."
Needless to say, was I just annoyed that my computer got a virus last Thursday night, and I thought I could get rid of it...NOT, but I couldn't blog this:( My computer is saved, some of my more recent photos are not, many of the family photos I did get hard copies of lately...whew! But my new jewelry and stitching photos are gone. So I will be a photographer tomorrow for sure, if I am feeling better. Yes, the yuck struck me yesterday, not sure how bad I have it yet, as I am still able to function, as long as the coughing is quiet or slow.

And best of all, tomorrow I am finally going to make it (if I feel better) to this little art gallery about 15 miles away, I have been trying to get over there for weeks but stuff keeps happening. I would love to get there if I can though, as it seems like my dear friend Liz is successfully filling the place. It is the Tomorrow River Gallery and Gifts, check it out if you are ever in the Amherst area!


Miss 376 said...

Amazing how quickly little ones bounce back

Angie said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. Yikes on the bear paws! And I'm noting the art gallery for my next visit to the'll have to let me know if you enjoy it.

Becky said...

That paw print is freaky!!!