Monday, August 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet

I have been working on the birds again-many finished, many in the works, so I will just continue to keep up with them for awhile. Rusty is in Indiana again, so my machine in on the kitchen table...good place for it I say!

Hot week here in Wisconsin finally, but I am working much of it. I really wanted to get repainting some of my rooms, but I am worried with the humidity I better hold off, definitely do not want to stand around watching paint dry in the summer!


Angie said...

Dawn, I love the new look to your blog!

And oh how I wish the sewing machine had a prominent home in our home...then I might use it more often. ;-)

Stay cool this week.

Miss 376 said...

It always makes it easier when the machine is always out, gives you more incentive to stitch

Red Geranium Cottage said...

One big bird flew the coup so you've created lots of little ones?? lol Dont ya love having that machine out on the table?
Looks like someone is going swimming. Trying to cool off maybe???
The heat is back, YUCK.

Janell V said...

You make me want to buy a sewing machine! Grandma's old one is just too much trouble to mess with.

You inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing your progress, ideas and updates!
Love Janell