Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It has been more than a month, come on...

So the girls have been loving the nice weather, can't lie, I do too! But I have been working on some bling, and reading, I just realized since I joined a book club in November, I have read 12 books! I just finished When the Sandpiper Calls last night, and now I get to choose another book, I love the reading bug I have caught!

Potty training Sophia has turned out to be ridiculously long, and taxing. Rusty has been working in Indiana most of the year, so I am realizing that she has my number and she is just playing me. Rusty was home for two weeks and the last few days, she finally went on the toilet fine. He left this morning, and she just told me she'll go tomorrow, she's not kidding, she will hold it until I put a diaper on her for bed if she has to. Believe me we have tried EVERYTHING. I wouldn't be so anxious, but when she wears a pull-up or diaper, she either changes herself, or demands (in Target) that I change her right then.

I won't make it so long next time.


Janell V said...

Finally a post! I have missed you on this blog!
Love the sunglasses Jurnee. Keep on keepin on with the potty training- sounds like a party over there. We look forward to seeing you Friday.
Love Janell

Still Learning said...

Hi!! Thank you for your sweet words. It means a lot to me. Your girls are so adorable!! I loved the picture of one of them with the bunny ears coming off the bus, those were bunny ears right? I don't have the contacts in yet. That was so sweet. I see you are in potty training mode. Man, my 2 and a half year old son won't even touch the potty. Boys are so tough to train, I have no idea why. But, they all come around in their own time eventually. Good luck with it.

It was a pleasure to meet you,


Red Geranium Cottage said...

The girls are sooooo cute. Love the sunglasses.
Potty training....not so much fun.

daffodilhappiness said...

Oh my goodness! Potty training can be quite interesting... I'm sure soon I will hear of all kinds of potty training adventures from my older sis. :-D Working as a nanny I haven't had the full experience, but I got enough of one! ;-)

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you stopped over at my blog! :-)