Monday, October 06, 2008

First Freeze

So what do you think of my dead plants? On October 2 ( My birthday) we had our first night freeze. Huge bummer - either God is reminding me of my age or winter is coming!!!!!!!!!
Whenever the camera comes out, Sophia says, "take a picture of me," then it is followed by "let me see!" I tried to take photos of us by holding the camera out, and this is the best of 5. We are having a ton of fun together, even though I miss Jurnee some as she is in school all day.

I went out for dinner with a few friends on Friday night to celebrate my 40th birthday, and the waiter tried to take a photo of us, and it looks pretty bad, but I am going to try to doctor it up and post it, mostly because my friends look great!

These great little birds came from my sweet friend Becky, she made them herself! I was so surprised! I have been wanting to try them for awhile now, but of course I haven't gotten around to it. I probably should fess up about my lack of posting, and creative expression on my blog. I have been working a part time job from home for some time, and it gives me tons of flexibility. However because of my husband's job going part-time for much of the year, I feel I have to do something, so I took on a full-time job at Lands' End. ( Actually I have been there part time also) So I am quite busy these days, as well as working on a few church projects, and did I mention, my "real" job? Mom to my wonderful little girls. My husband's job will hopefully be going full-time again starting this week, and he really is a great helper at home, of course the girls adore him. But anyway, that's my story.


Lonely Paul said...


Janell V said...

You and Sophie are so cute! I love all the sunshine pouring in. Ahhh. Don't worry too much about your plants. Keep on Keepin' on! xo-Janell

jen duncan said...

Wow! You ARE busy! Hope you can keep up with it all, and maybe be able to back down on the workload soon.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Boy does this bring back memories.. my oldest daughter always did this when I took her picture.. she smiled so hard her little face was one big pucker.. Sweet!!