Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumn thrift score!

So, I saw this plate at a local thrift a few weeks ago, and had no cash on me at the time. I figured I would make it back later that day or something. But I did not, and two weeks later, it was still there! Woo Hoo! Also, scored a couple of scarves...did you know I collect them? And a VERA too. Also, see the red & purple blob? Well, Jurnee made me get it to go with my Halloween outfit. Oh just wait until you see me in a week!

So, church project #1 is just about complete, whew, and #2, well, I guess it is on hold for awhile, t-shirt quilt, I just will not be able to get to it this month either. I have Christmas projects to work on, and I need a new bag. The one I haul around, is too big for the drawer at my desk at work, so I need something a little smaller. But man I do love my bag. Have you ever tried the Lands' End Lighthouse medium zip top tote? I should just sell cars and be done with that don't you think? I know Janell probably thinks so...Schmitt humor. Oh yeah, stay tuned in a day or two for the plastic on my window photo, Janell & Sandie would so get the humor. I just cannot snap the photo now, as Rusty is sleeping in there, and he would be less than pleased if I take a photo. Taa taa!


Janell V said...

Yeah plastic on the window... I guess the new windows are another winter away... keep up the good humor. xo janell

kari and kijsa said...

Great find with the plate!! Yea-love a good shopping story!!
Have a blessed Sunday!
kari & kijsa

Doe said...

check out Monica's blog (Happy Zombie) she made a pinwheel quilt and it's a freebie pattern. I thought you might like this one.