Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer fun

Baby quilt, my first finished quilt design design scale of 1-10...2ish...quality of sewing scale7ish...(better than usual.) Color choices 7ish. So there you have it...my hubby is on the phone with the proud father to be at this moment, and I could swear he is talking about a baby boy...(Crush) Second try on baby quilt coming soon! Tune in later.
Sophia on her first ride in Daddy's boat! She loves it, even going really fast!
When the boredom sets in, start messing in the tackle box. Go for pink and shiny silver!
We had a great day! Too bad summer is coming to a close here. Bay Beach tomorrow!
I loved Bay Beach as a kid and we never missed a summer. It is a young child friendly amusement park, and there is a pretty nice wildlife sanctuary across the street. So the day will be memorable I am sure!
Also, I planned a card party at Grandma's tomorrow night. When I was little, Michigan Rummy was the game and we are going to revisit that! Sounds like fun--Get out the pennies!


jen duncan said...

Very sweet quilt Dawn, and I LOVE the boating babe. ;-)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sophia is adorable!!!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Sweet quilt and ADORABLE SOPHIA!!!

Thanks for your kind comment tonight. It made my night! I was working on two posts for tomorrow to share some behind the scenes from the wedding. I'm glad to know you enjoy them, I always worry I'll bore everyone to tears by sharing.

Happy night,