Friday, June 27, 2008

This is what my weekend is looking like

So, last night I went to bed about 11:00. Woke up at 11:20 with a screaming child, of course I thought it was Sophia, no she was fine. I went into Jurnee's room and to make a long story short. I was up with her until Rusty went to work at 4am. Fever and sore throat.

Went in to the Dr this morning. Jurnee's temp 104.5 Sophia had 1/2 dose of ibuprofen (as that is all we had left) before we went to the Dr and her temp was 102.8

Both girls tested negative for strep (if you know anything about the Midwest-there are so many cases of strep throat here it is ridiculous) -Never had it myself though.

So we are home nursing both girls with movies, books, Motrin, and hopefully some sleep before long. The Motrin doesn't seem to be helping Jurnee much though.

I am off of both jobs for a whole week, and hope to get to some fireworks shows, the beach and finish many of my sewing projects! I plan to show off my new quilt project later...please check back.


jen duncan said...

Looks like a fun patriotic project Dawn. I hope the girls are feeling better soon.

mrmonkeysuit said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon and you can finish that project!