Sunday, November 18, 2007

Miss Personality

Sophia thought it would be fun to pose for me this morning! She put on that hat and did not want to take it off. She puts it on side ways or backwards so she can see better I guess!
This photo helps me imagine what she will look like with hair! Still cute!
Kissy face!
So I couldn't decide which photo to show you all so I went with them all! I just want to kiss those cheeks every chance I get! Still drooling and nose running most of the may be a long winter!

So I better get to it, I plan to update my Etsy shop yet tonight!


Becky said...

Thanks for making me smile. :-)

ScrappinSandie said...

I want to kiss those cheeks! I can't wait to see you all for Xmas!

Anonymous said...

She is so so so cute, Sorry I haven't called I have been so busty with school before thanksgiving! I miss you so much! What are your plans? I will be in Fon du lac with.... you'll have to call to get that info. I'll talk to you soon. Tell the girls I say hi


Doe said...

That girl is sooooo adorable!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family!

thatsillygirl said...

She's a beauty! How old is she? My daughter has a variation of Sophia's name and is two.