Monday, October 08, 2007

Leafy FUN!!!!

Sophia's first play in the oak leaves. She had a ball!!!!! She slid down the little slide into the leaves. Jurnee showed her how to do everything.
Jurnee is all about the drama. For a girl who wouldn't pose int he past...try to keep the camera away now...sheesh. But in our 80+ degree Wisconsin October weekend, the leaf pile seemed like a great plan. The girls had a great time in the leaves, and I just had to keep the pile intact. They laughed and laughed, it was really fun.
And to top off the weekend...KILL TIME...THRIFT...SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I had about 20 minutes to waste before I had to pick Jurnee up on Friday from school, so I went to this church rummage that I have attended in the past, but since they hold a rummage in the same location in the spring and fall, I haven't had any good finds in about 4 years. But wow, someone cleaned out the jewelry box, and I am happy to report the lovelies. Also, note the sheet in the background, it is barely used from JC Penney in the 70s, and fits perfectly on Jurnee's bed.


Lisa said...

Aww, what fun they both look so cute. Love your finds too. We are getting settled here in TX still pretty bummed about our China wait times getting even longer now but we just wait it out. I miss the WI fall. It hasn't changed here yet.
Take care.

Kari & Kijsa said...

How much fun! Oh to be a child again (or at least think childish thoughts!)Beautiful photos!

kari & kijsa

sailor grandma said...

Hey, what is wrong with a lefty?
Lefties run in the family. Aunt Linda and Aunt Nancy are both lefties and cousin Kesha is a lefty too. HA!
Looks like the girls are really enjoying themselves this fall.
you are such a good MOM!
I am so excited for Janell and Peter!
Luv Ya!
Aunt Nancy

linda t said...

I saw your comment on Flea Market Studio and just had to come visit. I am originally from WI... and was actually back there during the 80+ degrees in Oct. I was not too happy, I wanted cool Autum weather! We left 100+ weather in Phoenix!
I grew up on a dairy farm 40 miles S. of Eau Claire off the I-94. We drive back there every year.
Anyway, love your work! You are sooo talented and creative!
Your kids are darling!
So where in WI do you live?
Gotta keep reading more past posts.