Sunday, April 29, 2007

Think Award Nomination? - ME?

So call me crazy, but what do I do exactly? Anyway, with all of this nominating and tagging going on, I was thinking just last night about how surface my blog writing is. So I think I should step it up and I intend to now.

I have to tell you that I love spring, (photo to the right explains it) I think I love everything about it, especially the anticipation of the next 8 months...I love the change of seasons, but January, February and March in Wisconsin are absolutely heart stomping. Especially when the temps are too cold to go out often, or there is no snow, so what can I do? Craft you say, ahhh yes, but I need natural light, sunlight. So with that said, I love EVERY morning and day coming up until around January 4-5 when reality sets in.

I really do have feeling in my day, and I do come off cold and uncaring with much of the world, but that's not it, I just do not want to be caught and I do mean caught up in many actions of the world. I think deep down, I am an analyzer and maybe an over-carer ( if that was a word I would be more confident in using it.) But I thrive on making my own decisions, designs, friends and conversations etc...I think it forces me in some weird way to grow and not be stagnate.

My very dearest friend recently told me that what she didn't like about me much in 8th grade when we met is what she most appreciates about me now. My honesty, "no grey area with Dawn" etc...Comments by loved ones like that, deep down honest ones are the ones that keep me going.

Now for some craft...Love Craftsanity's latest podcast, and I am thrilled Jennifer is back! I think I might have to find "the" crochet pattern for the summer.


redmaryjanes said...

I came by from ZIZOO to check out some of the sites she nominated. You have a wonderful blog. Your family looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, You just nominate 5 blogs that you love and make you think or inspire you. Congrats!!!
Have a good week. See you soon. Let's get together.