Friday, February 09, 2007

Good day from sunny Wisconsin! Yes, we have had sun for about 5 days now, what a blessing, usually there is no sun in February, and the sun makes me forget just how cold it is outside, or maybe I am getting used to it!

So, I am busy working on my 3x3 squares and a few other projects. I am getting back into routine, with Sophia feeling better, finally, and Rusty having the weekend off, I am feeling so free!

I am looking for input also, on the geometric design with the butter cream background. I planned on making a bag of this, with a BIG button in the middle, but now that it is completely embroidered the way I intended in the beginning, I am not sure what to do with it. It would be about 12x12 without any border or anything. Any suggestions?


Jo in NZ said...

I would add some beading, on the triangles, as well as some clear beads in between to catch the light. You could add some sre on the patches, or maybe some simple applique. I see leaves, maybe with beaded viens.
By the way, Love it! I can so much potential in this.

dawnkristine said...

Do you think a bag? or wall hanging? Also, what is sre? Thanks for commenting!