Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Year - New Attitude for me!!!!!!! I have been working DILIGENTLY to unload clutter. And let me tell you, I have had some clutter. My house is so clean and fresh looking! and I ahve been parenting, and crafting. I worked on the craft room today too, as you know how bad it gets when there is a holiday, and deadlines, oh and a new baby joing the home, everything basically gets I worked on some of that space too, I have no plans outside of the house except for church the whole weekend, so I think tomorrow I will take a de-cluttering break, and Craft!

There is no good fabric or yarn shop in this town, but I do live about a mile from Hershners and they are having a yarn sale, and I couldn't decide yesterday, but I will go back in the morning and choose. Part of the issue is the project I want to start, which one? I have LOTS of ideas for this year, just beginning is what's holding me up.

I did get a chance to photo some of the WIPs (Works in progress) they are...

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