Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good morning! Well, we are totally settled in to life as a family of 4. Wisconsin is cold and sunny. Looking out the window can be deceiving!

I am crafting a little bit, very little time for that, until Rusty works day time hours, which should be a few weeks from now hopefully. But I am working on a new venture, a crocheted doll. I made her green though, I wasn't planning on that, but well, she is working out anyway. Also, I have been done with my TAST blanket stitch for a few days, and I haven't posted, because I picked up a nifty little computer desk to help eliminate the clutter in the kitchen, and man is it slick. It even enables Jurnee to move the mouse to the left side, so her hand doesn't get so sore (blues of a lefty.) So I worked on that all day yesterday, and finished yeah!

The photo is of the girls with the booties that my dear friend Appolonia made for them! Aren't they sweet?

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