Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good evening! Or good morning actually. Sophia and I are at the computer, our days and nights are messed up, so she just had a huge bowl of baby cereal and now she wants to play. The day went pretty well, I slept most of the day. Jurnee will not let me out of her sight at all. So I slept VERY soundly on the sofa all afternoon. Santa came last night and Jurnee got the hugest dollhouse and she is happy to play house all day, and watch Sophia. Grandma Ethel is coming by Tuesday after Sophia's doctor appointment. So I am sure we will have another packed full day of fun!

I was telling someone about BIG DADDY. So in China, these two street vendors were dickering with Rusty and he was a hard sale I might add. Anyway, they kept calling him "big Daddy" so I took a photo of him with these ladies and if you know Rusty, this is extra hilarious. The photo is on my other camera and we haven't developed it yet. Whe it is, Ican assure you it will be posted.

So here are the babies in our group on the Red sofa in the White Swan hotel Guangzhou, China. Ella, Sophia & Sydney.

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