Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Boy do I have a ton to do!!!!
but isn't Sophia cute! We have decided on Sophia Faye Brandt. So that's done, and I have the room painted. Next I have to work on my projects for Tinsel Trail. I have some great bags and pillows in progress, and of course a dishcloth for crocheting class. I think this is going to be the busiest month ever! I will hopefully post more photos on Flickr later. Oh and FOX NEWS is out on my cable today...ouch. Family decision, we will have to upgrade our cable package if that is what it means. Woo HOO Rusty is on my page about that.

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JanellVircks said...

I love the name! Beautiful! Congratulations again.

Love Janell

PS- you will probably be better off without Fox ;)