Saturday, September 03, 2011

First day of School & a blog to share!

I just found (via a GREAT friend) this wonderful blog go check it out! Amy Sullivan She seems to be writing some of the things I am thinking, and in some strange (Godly way maybe) she screams GRACE to me!!!! Thank you Amy!


Amy Sullivan said...

We just got back from a little trip, and what fun to come home to messages from a friend of a friend at my place and some bloggy love here.

So jealous that you get to see one of my fave friends regularly. She is amazing.

Sweet place you have here. Your girls are beautiful and although I have zero creativity when it comes to sewing and crocheting, I'm super jealous of those who do. I'll have to check out your stuff over at Etsy.

Nice "meeting" you!

Janell V said...

Sophia looks so happy (as usual). Thank you for posting this. Your daughters are so amazing. Now go have a cup of coffee and enjoy a quiet moment!

Loraine said...

I am so glad my friends Amy and Dawn are blog friends! How fun!