Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog Neglect

Went to an auction last weekend in the rain! First time I bid on stuff, and I had so much fun! Anyway, I had my eye on the bread box below, (in wonderful condition...btw) and I got the canisters as well! I didn't even have to bid very high.

Sorry about the blog neglect! I am going back to it. Life has been incredibly busy for me. I have been working more and of course the girls are getting busier too, which seems to also be my responsibility. I plan to sell again on Etsy, and keep my blog updated! So hold me to it! I have lots of crazy quilting going on here, as well as some crocheting. I will surely be back soon!

By the way the cute little guy pictured with my ladies is cousin Cedar. During a recent visit, Sophia mothered him so much! It was good to see her in a nurturing role, she is growing up fast now!

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